Randy Charach

Randy Charach is President of Synergy Marketing Group Inc. At the top of his site his ad states " How I made $100,076 in my first five months online".

Randy Charach continues to describe his internet success by saying how only a few short years ago he had no idea how to create a simple one page website (like the one where I obtained this information), how his technical skills were limited, and had no product to sell and little knowledge of marketing methods especially on the internet.

He says that did not matter because he felt he did possess a determination to succeed, ability to research and learn, and previous life experience.

Randy Charach suggests the ability to create a product and sell it to a niche market is the basic key to his approach and possibly your success. If you review the link below you will see that I agree with Randy's philosophy totally.I especially agree that you need to possess the personal traits as he said he had to be a success.

Niche Magic, "How to Pick a Niche & get Rich" is one of several Randy Charach books available and it is in PDF format. Finding a niche is possibly the greatest difficulty people have and Marlon Sanders, a huge internet guru states that Randy's book solves this problem.

I recently received a direct mailing from Randy and Synergy Marketing Group. An 800 number is listed to listen to his most recent offer including a free report, which suggests you can make money online without a computer, selling or any special skills. I am researching this offer presently. They also advertise that they will manage this for you for 10% of the money you make.Now the 10% deal sounds pretty good if you aren't making any money yet or just starting out.

I feel Randy Charach offers one thing that made the difference in my internet business success. That is the ability to focus in on a niche product, and learn how to sell it to a niche market. Once you understand this, your business may flourish. Compliment that with some marketing strategies which I leanrned and you can literally sit back and smile as your business grows.

Randy Charach has many things to offer in the self improvement and motivation areas and can surely lead you well.

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