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Rachel Long

Rachel Long has a reputation for achieving huge successes in e-mail marketing and MLM recruiting.She is #1 on various MLM and has made her mark and fortune in recruiting for various MLM's. In addition she offers her own e-mail marketing products.

Her e-mail coop and lead generation products are CashExpandMarketing and OneTouchSales. Rachel Long most definitely knows how to build a downline. Her techniques will bring you prospects like there is no tomorrow. You'll need to be sure you are ready to do your part which is to followup on the many leads you will get.

One thing we learned with our e-mail marketing efforts is no matter how well you obey the spam rules, some people still will claim you are "spamming". The issue we see is many people sign up for every free opportunity form they see, and later they don't remember who you are when you send them your introductory e-mail.

There you are doing your best effort to provide them the best information and in a most professional manner and you still may have someone complain.

As they say it goes with the territory and if you are running a successful internet business, you will also be handling many dealings with your prospects and customers. Having lots of prospects and customers is a good thing remember!

Rachel Long delivers and is recommended.

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