Amway (Quixtar)

I joined Amway (Quixtar)to help my cousin's who felt they finally found the opportunity that was real and would realize their dream of financial security. I did this as they joined another MLM I was involved in several years earlier which I too thought would provide me the riches that that company promised. I wanted to help them and felt like I sort of owed them, as the company I got them into, did not make either of us much money.

As you might see here, I am not a big fan of MLM. The basic premise for Amway (Quixtar) is similar to many other MLM's where you sign up as a distributor for a minimal fee. You are then qualified to purchase their products at wholesale cost, a nice savings.

Here they recommend to purchase all of your daily used household products from them to make it simple to meet certain purchase requirements that allow you to make more money. I wasn't always impressed with the wholesale cost being much of a savings. You'll "make" bigger money by getting others to sign up below you; you then become their sponsor into the company, in this case, Amway (Quixtar). You'll potentially earn a small percentage of sales that are from all those people that join and sign up below you.

You also need to spend countless hours "recruiting" a friend of a friend of a friend to join the program. You also get to attend a lot of meetings where you introduce others to the business opportunity.

Personally I did not like the recruiting aspect, as I felt I was imposing on my friends and family and at the end, I never really was able to recruit much of a "downline" to produce the huge riches I thought I might see.

Amway (Quixtar) has been around for a number of years and still has a very good reputation; many MLM companies are referred to as "like Amway" being that Amway was a leader in this type of marketing.

Maybe it was just my inability to recruit, but I think unless you have a large network of people that are already in such a downline and ready to switch to the next up and coming MLM, you are likely to spend a lot of time at this and not see the results you dream of.

There are other ways aside from things like Amway or Quixtar, to attain the lifestyle you are looking for with more proven steps to get there which I was fortunate to find, research and finally take the plunge.

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