Pyramid Schemes

Pyramid Schemes are one my favorites. I guess like many of us, we are all looking for an easy way to make money. Pyramid schemes just seem simple enough and something that should work. Let me tell you the truth here...............they don't work! And many may be illegal.

Pyramid schemes have been around for a long time. They are often referred to as MLM or visa versa. If you tell a friend you are looking into an MLM company you might get a response like " Oh, you mean a pyramid scheme".

The difference between a pyramid scheme and MLM is basically the latter if legitimate, has a real product to offer and sell. If you get involved in a MLM for example and the product is not real, or simply has little valu or is of poor quality or not in any demand, then the company may be really only into recruiting you and others and not into your long term success in selling the product. You buy certain amounts of their product when you sign up, and that is about as far as you may get in terms of further pursuit of that business as the product will most likely not sell.

Be careful when evaluating any MLM or business opportunity. If there is no legitimate product that is in demand, it can very likely be a pyramid scheme.

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