A network marketing company that has a new concept in lead generation is ProStep. ProStep claims to provide 100 pre-qualified leads each month to its members, and also offers training and support.

There also is a compensation plan offered by ProStep. Here's basically how this works for you: for each new member you enroll, you get a one time "quick start" bonus of $65. You earn a monthly commission of $35 for each active member on your first level. You get $10 on your second level, and $20 on your third. You have unlimited width on your first level with ProStep.

An infinity over ride bonus is an attractive additional catch for ProStep. If you personally enroll 10 active members, you get $2 override bonus on all members on and below the 4th level. This goes to infinity. That means there is no depth to this override.You are called an executive consultant at this level. Enroll 25 active members and you as a master consultant will get $5 override bonus on all members on and below your 4th level plus a $3 bonus on your executive consultants on and below the 4th level.

ProStep is typical of most such companies in their pay plan. We'll stick with our internet business which puts money in our pockets, with no need to worry about qualifying for our monthly paychecks, or bonuses. We earn based on our efforts!

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