Plug In Profits

Plug -in- Profit is an internet business opportunity which is good for beginners. The Plug In Profit business is also referred to as "PIPS" and was founded by none other than The Home Biz Guy,Stone Evans.

Stone Evans has authored many books including Finding Your Home Business Niches and Is a Home Business Right For You?

The Plug In Profit program was started by Stone Evans offering websites which people can join. Those sites were based on selected affiliate programs. Plug In Profit soon added Traffic Swarm, Madison Dynamics,SFI, Host4 Profit, The Internet Marketing Warriors, GetResponse, and The Internet Marketing Center.

To join Plug In Profit you need a domain name registered, and web hosting. Once you have this you then promote the various affiliates mentioned; you benefit from having all these good programs to promote.

What we saw as beneficial here was the concept with Plug In Profit where you have a ready made site, that has worked for others, that you can just "plug in" and go. There are however no different challenges in your achieving success in this "simplified" site. You still need to market your site vigorously to build your business.

We are aware of some that swear by this program and no doubt things like the Internet marketing Warriors info is invaluable.

There are some monthly fees that you'll need to be ready to pay. The Stone Evans 30 days to success ebook is also quite straight in internet marketing reality. We did try Trafficswarm- you do need to know the secret to getting a nice flow of traffic- HINT: you need 15000 min credits before youtry to run your ad :) .

Plug In Profit is one "beginner" oriented system that we feel is a good program. Internet Marketing is one of building over time, adding "any" product or program you see as potentially profitable.

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