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Platinum Wealth Group

Platinum Wealth Group offers a Home Based Business Opportunity where your job is to help home owners stop foreclosure procedings on their homes without the need to file bankruptcy, selling the property to an investor, or adding on more debt.

Seth Corbett is the co-founder of this business program.

A Home Business Ownership Kit offers you the information you need to know to get started in this money making business.This includes a DVD and book that explains everything you need to know.

Your job is basically to follow the Platinum Wealth Group 3 step system of 1. finding the defaulted loan, 2. list in on their website and 3. get paid via commission check.

Platinum Wealth Group claims you can earn easily $3,000 to $12,000 per month, spend very little in the process, never do any complicated paperwork, and never leave your home to find the loans.

There is no doubt there are more than enough defaulted loans out there to track down, so your market is pretty wide open, and unfortunately unending with so many people struggling to make ends meet. Platinum Wealth Group claims there are hundreds of thousands of such foreclosures each year.

You have essentially no competition as the homeowner will probably only hear from you when you contact them via postcard or letter.

Platinum Wealth Group further claims you can work 5-10 hours per week, requires no schooling or experience, and earn $3-$4000 per deal.

PWG or Platinum Wealth Group offers a unique business opportunity that has a work at home potential. Your service will be filling a need and your customers will be happy to not have to go the usual routes of foreclosure or selling at a loss to investors at a loss.

Platinum Wealth Group looks like a good deal. We recommend you do your due dilligence with them before joining including direct contact and talk to some successful customers if at all possible.

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