Phil Wiley

Phil Wiley is the "mini site" king. Yo see these mini sites all over the net. The idea is each mini site is a profit center promoting a certain affiliate program.

Personally I am not pro-affiliate sites. I think they are not as easy to make money as many marketers claim. I'd rather promote my own product. I believe you have more control over your own product in every aspect from designing the product, setting a price and shipping it out.

Phil Wiley also has a newsletter called "All Secrets Revealed" where he provides his opinion on aspects of internet marketing.

Whether Phil Wiley offers all the true secrets is the question to be pondered. I did not locate any internet marketing literature that told it straight until I began this site. Haven't found anything since either and am still looking!

I like the mini site concept as it seems "simple" and we all like simple in todays rushed world. I am not too sure they are any easier to promote and get buying traffic than any other approach but Phil Wiley may be able to help you or try our simple proven system.

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