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Peel Away Ads

Peel Away Ads is another advertising concept claimed to boost sales. One ad for peel away ads suggested you can double, triple, quadruple and even quintuple your ad response and sales. Now thats a lot of improvement!

A peel away ad is one where your prospect passes their mouse over the top right corner of your web page which then opens up your ad. The idea here is people are sick to death of pop ups, pop unders, etc. They usually will quickly click away from your site when they see these annoying ads.

Can peel away ads save the day? We think they are better than pop ups and unders, but we also see this as another sales tool that many of you who aren't making many sales may jump at thinking this is the cure all. It may not be.

If you aren't driving targeted traffic to your site, and you don;t have a hot sales page that is proven to convert, peel away ads or any other "gimmic" won't get those people to stop what they are doing and hand over their money to you.

You need a program that uses the time tested and proven techniques to drive traffic to your site in droves.

We can assist in this for you. Peel away ads can add to sales, but you need the basics to start.

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