Pay Per Click Ads

Pay Per Click Ads popped up in the last few years as a way to almost instantaneously have your website displayed for certain keywords by paying for each "click" you receive from a potential customer.

Website owners are able to pay or bid a specific amount of money only when they receive a qualified click or visitor to their website. PPC ads are provided by most large search engines. Even many smaller engines are providing PPC or pay per click ads.

Pay per click ads are successful to the website owner if the conversion rate is high enough to maintain a profit for each click or visitor.Conversion rate is described to you on this site in the same category as this review is written. Take a look to learn more on conversion rate.

Google and NSN Adcenter are the largest search engines. Overture was the first to come out with this pay per click ads concept back in the late 1990's. Overture started out as a company called They since changed their name to and were once battling for top spot with Google Adwords. We are comfortable using Overture as they set the stage for most all others to follow.You will also see PPC on sites such as and which is now called

A successful internet business ad campaign is a mix of paid -pay per click, (PPC) and free ads.

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