Partner With Paul

What do we know about Partner With Paul and is this a scam or real deal. That's what you came here for and that's what I will offer you.

As far as I can tell from opting in to a Partner with Paul page or an affiliate’s page,the final back end product or program being offered here is Carbon Copy Pro. Through the course of auto-responder e-mails I received, I was eventually taken to an affiliate Carbon Copy Pro sign up page.There are probably other programs being offered as well but this is where we landed.

After opting in, you receive an offer for a “Request your work at home kit.” $9.95 plus shipping and handling, followed by a 14 day free trial. This turns into a $39.95 charge to keep the “kit.” This is what is know as a funded proposal or a front end product. People can easily pay the $49 total dollars to get the kit.

Then in most cases, they will be lead toward the big ticket, back end sale. In this case that back end sale is Carbon Copy Pro.

This is a real good strategy to use with marketing a big ticket affiliate program. Many programs other than the Partner with Paul group, are using a funded proposal to promote their program or product.

A funded proposal is powerful because the commission from the front end sale item, in this case being the work at home kit, is often enough to cover any advertising expenses. Then a certain number of those sales will upgrade to the big ticket item as pure profit.

A funded proposal or front end sale, is a great way to lead people through the sales funnel and cover your costs at the same time.

Included with the Partner with Paul offer are the money proof videos. Question is are they real? I would say absolutely.

That’s a lot of money in pay per click costs too, somewhere around $750,000 a year on Google alone.

I would think this partner with Paul program did not start there, but what a goal to reach for.Imagine starting at one sale, then building up to where you are spending 3 quarters of a million in just advertising.

To summarize,Can the Partner with Paul program help you to make money from home?


Remember this, you will probably not be working with “Paul,” but with the person that paid for the ad that got you involved.

Your hope is that they will be willing and able to assist you with getting set up for success. If not, then your chances at success, in my opinion are very low.

Most of these programs do function as they should. Why would someone create a program that did not convert to sales and profits??

What you need is to find real guidance, and a program like Partner with Paul, but make sure the "Paul" is a real person that can show you the ropes. I have a system that we just feed traffic to and the rest is pretty much automated to make sales. We teach the traffic part too.

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