Paid To Surf/Auto Surf

Paid to Surf or Auto Surf programs and websites are all over the internet. It seems as soon as one pops up, another shuts down or disappears!

These programs boast that you can make a lot of money for just spending a few minutes a day "surfing" the net or looking at ads, essentially.

Most of the Paid To Surf programs simply do not pay. You can get started in most for Free however you'll soon get the urge to become a paying member to "raise your money making potential".

Paid To Surf programs in my opinion are just a "scam" where many people sign up and chip in small amounts of their hard earned cash in the hope to make "easy money" in return for little work effort. There is a steady stream of folks out there that will try this, as it appears to be easy and possibly profitable.Guess who wins?

I would not recommend Paid To Surf programs and am challenging anyone out there that has a successful and profitable one where people actually do make decent money to advise me and I will promptly post that sites statistics. If you don't see anything written positive here, then you all can assume no one has accepted my challenge!

Early on I was involved in a paid to surf program, I must admit- the results were that I made no money, seemed like a job, and surfing got boring and tiring.

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