Online Dating Business

Is Starting an Online Dating Business a good work at home business opportunity? Well let's look at some facts and see if this is a good "niche" market to get into:

1. The web's largest internet dating sites have over 700,000 personal ads - altogether- There are millions of people actively looking for a partner.

2. They pay out millions of dollars in commissions every year. (There's definitely money in this business!)

3. Over a third of America's web surfers are single or divorced. They need a service like this.

4. There have been thousands of marriages as a result of internet introductions. You probably know of someone that met their partner on the internet!

5. Basic biological desires are the easiest things to sell - love, dating, romance. You can get paid by selling romance, love and dating to growing numbers of single web surfers.

Here's some more interesting informtion to further evaluate online dating services as a business opportunity: According to a recent study of online singles —

1. Most singles are seeking a relationship that will lead to a long-term commitment or marriage.

2. Just over half of the singles surveyed were optimistic they will find the relationship they are seeking in the coming year.This would say an online dating business is something people of all ages are looking for to help them find their true love, thus solving their "problem" of being solo, single or alone.

3. Nine in ten singles report having had five or fewer first dates in the last 12 months.

Finding a partner isn't just for the young, 20 something age group. Given the number of divorces, and those who have lost a loved one, there would seem a never ending source of customers.

In addition to Online Dating Business Information, there are various ways to get into this business. Online dating software is something sold that addresses the matchmaking aspect of the business. If you can't match people up well, your business will not do so well.

A website is also something you would need to provide the medium for where people can make initial contacts and search for their match.

Our suggestion if you are looking to get into this business includes: this is a people business so make sure YOU want to be involved in assuring your customers are happy. The market is there, so all you need is the right website and resources to get started. If you provide a quality product, we are sure you'd do well in this business.

Online Dating Business, software, websites, etc. will not work well if you are more into making money on subscriptions to your service than creating happy couples, so as in many businesses, you will find most success if you bring success to others.

The competition from the big services may be a hindrence, but you can start small, advertise locally, build your customer base and promote your personal interest in guaranteeing happy customers, and you should see some nice results. Starting an Online Dating Business can be a success for you.

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