Online Business Reviews

Online Business Reviews are a good way to find out about the many online programs available, but how can you filter through all the BS and find one that really works?

What I try to tell my new members in my #1 home based business, which is Global Domains International (aka GDI) is to not expect instant success.

This does not mean they will have a long wait to see sales, but it really means that most programs online will work for anyone that learns to market properly.

We can show anyone an exact way to make sales within a few days to a week with our program. This is because we know that our success depends on our ability to show a new member some results quickly- then once they see that, they realize we have something that can work for them.

Here are a few pointers when looking at different programs:

1. Select something that is low priced, maybe less than $50. Why?

Because anything that is $50 or more in todays economy is a tougher sell- it takes a lot more prospects before a sale occurs when your program costs much more than $50.

This means i.e. at $10, many people will buy that program faster so YOU will see sales faster. This is a nice way to start new people with fast results.

2. Join only programs that offer a residual income. It is enough work to make ONE sale online, so might as well have that sale recur each month, then as your customers grow, your income gets bigger with the same work as when you started, and only had one sale.

3. Be sure your sponsors reply to emails. Notice I said EMAILS.

Most online businesses are run by email. The phone is used too, but when you are recruiting 10-20 a week, it is very difficult to phone everyone and train them.

So, if you call someone, DO NOT assume they are not good sponsors if they don't return your call- they may get 20++ calls a day and HUNDREDS of emails a day...they are very busy and they are the people that really know how this all works- HINT! :)

So be PERSISTENT and connect with them. They really do want to help you!

4. Lastly, always look to educate yourself on various marketing methods. This is a learning experience, and anyone that aplies themselves will see success...success is a given when you learn the tools and skills of marketing online.

We look forward to working with anyone that stops by our online business reviews and sends us an email to get more information!

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