One Minute Millionaire

One Minute Millionaire may be a hyped up program devised by two well known marketers, namely Robert Allen, and Mark Victor Hansen. The information they offer claims to educate you in businesses ranging from Real Estate to Internet Marketing.

Robert Allen is known for his real estate offers, and Mark Victor Hansen is well known for his "Chicken Soup" , "for the soul" books.

The One Minute Millionaire offer includes many BONUS offers, so many that those alone would take you a long time to weed through it all.

Based on the authors backgrounds, and the content of One Minute Millionaire, I feel there are better programs out there to learn a specific business.

Internet Marketing for one requires some good step by step methods to follow if you are new to this business. That along with a mentor would give you the best chances at success. One Minute Millionaire doesn't have either.

Please give me a call or drop an e-mail and I will give you some insight into what does and doesn't work in internet marketing, and how I (finally) found the program that DID work for me. It can work for you too and you may be a one minute millionaire.

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