NuSkin is an MLM based company that may be of interest to you. In todays economy I would not join anything that requires more than $50/month as most families can't afford it.

At last check, NuSkin requires an initial membership fee of $35 and an annual renewal of $20. Distributors are told in the distributor policy to not mention the NuSkin name in their advertising. This we understand is due to the "negative" view of MLM's in general. Most of us have been approached by some MLM in our business search and many of us have been left with a not so good feeling after being involved in some of these.BUT some are very good deals- read on!

NuSkin requires a reasonable amount of inventory (personal volume) to qualify for commissions. Given the type of product you sell you'll probably need to stock a certain amount for your customers.

NuSkin is similar to many other MLM opportunities and you can see more on their product reviews at their main site.

NuSkin is a good company with a good track record, and of course you can raise someones vitality along the way, which is a great selling point.

After testing and reviewing hundreds of different business opportunities and money making programs, ONLY ONE brought in a serious income I could live on. Click here to go to the website.