Nouveau Tech Society

Nouveau Tech Society is a company created by Neo-Tech Publishing and established by Wallace Ward. We have personally received some of their mailings. Even my Mom received one.

Nouveau Tech Society states that by reading their books and articles you will be enabled to have the greatest wealth and lead the best of lives one can imagine. The Nouveau Tech Society philosophy is that the Earth spanning the last 2500 years has been an anti-civilization that has created nothing but failure and loss becasue of two great evil forces-politics and religion. Nouveau Tech Society claims that everything wrong with this society and country is due to our theistic society which is responsible for trapping all of us in chaos and murder.

Nouveau Tech Society is sending out mailings that are an 8 or so page letter that claims the recipient is a very special person. They further advise the recipient that they have been specially discovered and know all about because they are so incredible and are therefore being invited to join a very secret society that will provide the answers that will bring them a perfect life and untold wealth.

We were almost drawn to reply to this letter when we learned my Mom got the same letter. Now Mom is a very special person, but we did start to think this secret society might be a lure to get us to purchase something, at the very least.

The letter further states to not to tell anyone what the letter says and to return the invitation for a free booklet that will provide the answers to the universe and are then encouraged to buy the full book for $140. We must say their letter is quite compelling and for $140 , well, if it truly told us the secrets of the way the world works, that's cheap!

We were not able to trace where the Nouveau Tech Society is located and who created it. The address per the BBB for Nouveau Tech Society is Henderson , Nevada, the letters we received have a return address of Grove City, Ohio, and the booklet can be purchased from an address in Clifton,NJ.

Looking at the website for Nouveau Tech Society and Neo-Tech Publishing, one may find it difficult to find any real answers to the question of the universe's secrets althouh the book itself may offer you these secrets.

We did not purchase the $140 book basing this on the information at hand to assess Nouveau Tech Society. If they would like to send us a copy to review, we'd be very happy to tell you our opinions, and without divuldging any secrets, so you have a better idea of why you were chosen to receive their initial letter.

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Nouveau Tech Society may work for you as much of our success comes from our mindset and positive thinking.

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