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No Money Down

No Money Down is a Real Estate investing "lure" that has been used for years to entice you into purchasing some new Make Money In Real Estate program or method. It sure sounds intriguing. Even as I write this, the No Money Down thought tugs at your desire to want to believe there really is such a thing and you'll make tons of cash.

The problem with No Money Down programs is most are designed to entice you in, and then you are hit with the additional help courses, etc. that cost thousands of dollars. Most people that have gone this route wish they never did this.

Now don't get discouraged as there are ways to make No Money Down deals. You do need to know some "how to" information from those that have done it. Many of the courses and seminars that claim to teach this, are taught by folks that haven't done it, but have a pretty convincing program that says they did. Most of the people making the money are those that sell the No Money Down, "How To" Programs, courses and seminars.

My first real estate sale was my own home. I profited some $14,000 in less than three years after closing costs. At the time I wasn't necessarily looking at the sale as a business profit situation. It did open my eyes to how you can make money in real estate by selecting property that could be bought for less than going market valu, then sold at a profit, by doing a lot of the work yourself. No Money Down concepts can be applied in many ways to have the net result be "no money down" or out of pocket.

You can have no money down home loans,mortgages, car loans, lease deals and more.

Keep in mind the No Money Down lure is still catchy after many years of marketing success. We have found other ways to make money, and the best is what we refer to as a step by step marketing method that is proven, repeatable, and offers a product that truly is one of the best, if not the best on the market.

A good friend who has some 50+ properties locally always uses no money down approaches. He sugggests using the equity in one property to fund minimum TWO more properties, ideally three. Never use equity from one place to just get need 2:1 or 3:1 to see your investments grow. He also says, "I don't want a deal, I want a steal". Hope you are seeing the point.

No Money down may work well for you in your offline deals.

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