Nigerian Scams

I get at least an e-mail every day with someone from Nigeria in need of help and looking for me to assist in some bank transfer of funds where I will make a very decent profit. This is a Nigerian Scam.

Nigerian email Scams are something to stay away from. I responded to one of these via e-mail and the replies were actually pretty believable and seemingly legitimate. This was until I asked a few questions that just were not replied to. I guess I hit a nerve and the scammer realized I was not buying their story.

Many of these Nigerian scams even will include your sur name in the initial letter looking for your help. I had several where someone with my surname died in a terrible car accident; this person was wealthy and had millions in an account. Only I, or someone with my name could possibly stand in as a relative to claim a percentage of the funds as there were no surviving relatives who could claim these funds.

There are many places these Nigerian scams will prey: ebay, craigs list, paypal and others.

If you got one of these e-mails, it is probably because you responded to some other business opportunity which put your name on one of many "opportunity seeker" lists; hence you are a prime target to get scammed. The appeal of easy money is always something to prey on; don't fall for this one or any Nigerian scams.

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