Neil Shearing

Neil Shearing offers a website called "" where he has numerous Internet Success products and assistance to internet marketers to help answer questions and to find the latest "how to" for internet marketing.He has been online since 1997, so he is a wealth of great information. I subscribed to this for a while when I started my online journey. I asked several questions via his question board and got pretty good "inside" information type answers. Neil Shearing even answered a few! This is often not the case w/ such forums, so that is a huge plus. Some of the answers to my questions were a bit vague for me, BUT I realize now that I was just too new to all this to really understand the answers- or I was a slow learner! :)

That was back in 2006 and now looking back I can see and understand the answers much better than when I was new and still searching for truth and facts. Generally the site is very good when starting out and did clear up many things I was stuck on when I first got into internet marketing. This primarily due to Neil's very helpful replies.

I'd suggest the Neal Shearing site for anyone new to internet marketing where you can check out his many products and affiliate programs; it's always a relief to have a resource for answers and learning from someone that has proven success is the ideal way to learn internet marketing. Our best wishes to Neil Shearing and family!

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