National Grants Conferences

Seminars are offered usually in hotels hosted by a company called National Grants Conferences (NGC). I attended many of these type of hotel get togethers. I once ended up in a hotel room with a high pressure sales person trying to get me to buy into a pay phone distributorship. When I said I needed to think about the investment and do some more research before I handed over $8500, he said I had no business sense and would never make it. Ha! Never give into any high pressure need you to sign up now antics; it screams scam!

Anyway, back onto National Grants Conferences. It seems there is a lot of money, free and w/ few strings attached available from the government. This is money in the form of grants or zero percent interest loans. You can use this money to start a business, go to school, remodel a house or business, and most any other purpose you may qualify for.

The catch is, the application process is so difficult and complex that you need an experienced professional to handle it for you. Thats where National Grants Conferences comes in and supplies this service for you.

My understanding is they will only take you through the steps of applying for a grant, but not that you will actually qualify.

NGC also offers a seminar to train you on how to fill out these tricky grant applications. National Grants Conferences may be what you are looking for and work for you.

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