Napoleon Hill

A pioneer in self help books and information, Napoleon Hill passed away in 1970. For his acclaimed "Think and Grow Rich" book, he interviewed 500 millionaires; he sold seven million cooies of this book which was a record at that time. I actually read the book way back then! It was inspiring, but as I recall, it did not give me specific steps to take to "grow rich". I was disappointed as I figured I didn't have the internal drive or something special like all these other successful millionaires. I was wrong to think that way! His book really had the clues to success.

Many of the Napoleon Hill websites offer many of his claimed quotes about motivation and success.Napoleon Hill also sells a course that could help you in your business and personal growth.

I believe the Napoleon Hill book and information is OK fom a motivational standpoint, but possibly today's business needs a lot more direct specifics on how to be successful or better said, profitable. With so much competition in any business, you need very specific and targeted methods for your business. My members aks for exact steps to get started always.

Based on my years in industry, personal real estate, many side jobs, and now the internet, I do see Napoleon Hill information as useful as it can get you pumped when you may need a boost while growing your business.

Napoleon Hill also has other books such as Outwitting The Devil and Laws of Success, both are very good reads.

We highly recommend Naploeon Hill and for sure you should read Think and Grow Rich!

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