Click hereOur #1 rated opportunity            FREE Mentoring When You Join The Team is a program that we encountered recently. They offer you a software that is supposed to send traffic to your website using the search engines. They then will earn you $100,000 at which time you owe them 15% of your sales.

They claim this will take about four months to achieve but in the mean time you are paying domain and hosting fees that run $169.00; they claim the more you pay the more money you will make.

All of their website info looks very professional and they include contact info that leaves you thinking they are an above board program. They have support for the UK and US along with e-mail and FAQ that are very helpful.

A colleague tested this firm and had many sign ups below promised to send them their commission checks but they did not receive them. MoreThanTraffic seemed to turn out to be a lot less than a good deal.

MoreThanTraffic or is not recommended at this time. But what do we recommend with so many programs just turning out to be harder than advertised? Read below:

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