Monopolizer claims they can guarantee to you over 1000 affiliate and 1500 paying customers to your business opportunity. Monopolizer is supposed to be an e-mail and affiliate recruiting answer for you.

It seems the may no longer be running this program as the website is no longer active.

The Monopolizer website, at last check, has a message stating they have temporarily suspended any services to new customers so they can concentrate on existing customers. Their affiliate program is also suspended to any new business. That to me is not alarming as any "small" business can get overwhelmed if orders take off. The business we are in is always flourishing and seems to grow each day. A sign of the times possibly?

Further research showed us that there were some non-positive comments about Monopolizer regarding fees paid but nothing returned, and no sales or customers. We had several issues with a couple customers saying they did not receive their ebook from our site. Rather than contact us they contacted our payment service which in our opinion just makes the remedy that much more difficult and prone to error or misunderstanding as the payment service ends up being the "middle person". Then you need to resolve the issue via various e-mails to and from your customer, the payment service and us. This all adds up to more potential confusion. Our point is running an internet business is similar to any other "store" regarding customer service. It is best to resolve any issues promptly as people tend to complain quickly often before you can simply resolve the matter. This can tend to get to forums quickly. Our example was unfortunately the customer should have just called us and we would have sent another ebook link...

We suggest as like always if you are interested in Monopolizer, to contact them and talk to a live person to get your questions answered.

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