Monique Harris

One of the first books written by Monique Harris was called "Make Your Site Sell". The concensus on that writing was it can offer a newbie some good information, but it may be lacking for those that are looking for a little more punch.

"Make Your Knowledge Sell" is a more recent book written by Monique Harris. It explains how to create and publish, then market and sell your own information product on the internet. As an aside, informational products are one of the top sellers on the internet and often have the largest "profit" potential.

She has a new book now called "Paperless Newsletter" which is said to be marketed by Terry Dean.

Monique Harris has some good information, and has an easy to read writing style. We will keep you informed about this more recent product and in the meantime, we'd suggest Monique Harris information as it can definitly help you in your online adventure.

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