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Mistakes People Make When Buying Web Hosting

Tips To Get Your Website Up and Running Fast

There are many Mistakes People Make When Buying Web Hosting or when they design their first website.

My site here has been online since 2006 and yes it has changed a lot due to many things not done right day 1. No fault of anyone, just a learning curve as you add things to your site and see what hosting is all about.Let's see if we can help you avoid some costs by getting it right the first time.

The most important thing aside from cost and customer support is will your website be UP 100% of the time? Imagine you have a very profitable site and it is not live all the time because your hosting service had a power failure, or their servers needed to be rebooted or some other technical failure? Hosting services are YOUR key to assuring your site is always online so customers can buy from you any time of the day or any day of the year. This should not cost anything extra, you just need to find a host that is consistently online with zero downtime...

Another important thing is will your host offer good customer service. What I mean is, sure they may be able to do some website assistance, or other technical task, BUT what if you need marketing help for your website? Most hosting companies ONLY want to supply you the hosting service...or maybe website development. BUT, they most often will fall short when it comes to marketing.

The best host with the best website means very little if the marketing doesn't make you sales.

So, is there some way to pull all this together for you? Especially if you are brand new to this work at home internet business arena?

What we found to work is a hosting company, that also sells domains, email services, and offers a website building system wher you can create a basic site for yourself. You can also set up and host a wordpress blog.

This company also offers a home business income potential where you can earn money by referring others to this company. We did a recent check and saw that there are MILLIONS of people each day searching for hosting. One hosting company we know gets 5000 daily visitors- can you imagine the income potential from selling just hosting to those people?

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