Millionaires Mind

Mind Tek research offers The Millionaires Mind-Wealth Conditioning System. It is an audio CD that teaches you to get your subconscious mind to connect winning feelings with successful actions.

Disc A is used to train your mind with a neuro mapping process. Then disc B is used to trigger the winning feelings of the milionaires mind with musical cues.

I am a musician, and tend to believe in some of this kind of mind control if you will. However in this case I don't totally buy it as useful.

The Millionaires Mind-Wealth Conditioning System could be a useful motivating tool. On the other hand, I have always found that if you want to make money and make it fast, you have to buckle down, and master a few basic search engine tools such as google adwords, and Then apply some proven free advertising ideas and you'll have the Millionaires Mind yourself.

That's what it takes to have a Millionaires Mind, and pocket book :)

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