Mike Enlow

Mike Enlow, the "Godfather of Technology Marketing" has been a world leading marketing consultant since 1989.

He has made over $200,000 in a single day.

Mike was responsible for and is acclaimed to be the one that pioneered the concept of "Internet Commerce". His success at using the internet for clients as well as himself ha skept him in the prestigious position, and well deserved.

Mike Enlow is endorsed by many of the great and most well respected marketers such as Jay Abraham, Gary Halbert, Dan Kennedy, Ted Nicholas and others.

Corey Rudl was one of Mike Enlow students which affirms Mike's ability to teach and make others successful.

"How To Start With Nothing And Create Great Wealth" is probably the most famous of Mike's publishings. It is his method for creating maximum money in minimum time.

I recommend the teachings of Mike Enlow and all of his work.

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