Michael Fortin

Michael Fortin has found his niche in writing and is a well known direct response copywriter. He pursued this career path soon after filing bankruptcy.

You have more than likely seen some of his written work as he either created or had some involvement in some of the most well respected internet marketing experts sales letters. These marketers who he has worked with include John Reese, Yanik Silver, Terry Dean, Jay Abraham and more!

Michael Fortin has sold million in online products over the last several years.

If you need a sales letter written, or need yours improved, I'd recommend Michael Fortin.

He also provides seminars which you may not be able to afford, especially when new to all this, but you can try his sourse which is called The Copy Doctor.

Anyone out there with a flair for writing might want to look at that as a business that can provide that service to those internet marketers who aren't that great at writing.

I recommend Michael Fortin.

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