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Mentors On A Mission

Mentors On A Mission is a company that sells their network marketing system and technique by drawing attention to the network marketers who may be making money. One thing that you won't hear at any network marketing "meeting", website or other is the testinmonials of those that are not making any money.

These people are often those that are at the end of the recruiting line. I was there at least once in my past and it forever left a bad taste in my mouth on network marketing.

Their website suggests they have various ways to assure your success including online resources, focused conference calls, finding free leads, direct training, and other prospecting information.They say using this will help grow your network marketing or small business into a good sized organization.

One example of where their information I feel may not work is in buying leads. I have found that buying leads is not very targeted and guaranteed, nor are free leads.UNLESS they have a deal worked out with the lead supplier and they know where the lead came from and these are people quite motivated to join this type of business.

Mentors on a Mission group, like many network marketing offerings is selling motivation. This along with your personal development is important to your success.

Mentors on a Mission marketing system and program has a great theme and may be exactly what you were looking for.

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