Mentors in Motion

Val Smith runs this Mentors in Motion system. The basic idea is it is all about selling admission to conference calls where mentoring occurs.

My business associate tells me that very few people have made any money from this system. Many people feel they have learned a lot in this syetm and mentoring forum, however learning and earning are two very different things. Personally I want to learn, but also EARN!

I was personally mentored to learn the internet and marketing. Mentors in Motion offers mentoring to a group. I feel that the only and best way to be mentored is one on one. This is true as everyone learns at a different pace and has different questions as they comprehend. I would not want to be mentored any other way than individual attention to just me.

My recommendation is in any business you may consider: find someone that is doing what you want to do, and is successful. Then copy what they are doing, and preferrably have them teach you. The businesses out there that can do this I feel are the most successful.

Mentors in Motion I feel does not offer the mentoring and success rate that you could get using the system I followed.

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