The Melaleuca Business Opportunity offers products derived from "tea tree oil" which comes from the Australian Melaleuca Alternifolia plant.

Their sales were some $700 million in 2005 according to their website information. Their sales have shown continued growth over the last several years.

Melaleuca is another of many "Wellness" based companies. Wellness companies are the latest growth companies tapping into a market of mostly "baby boomers" becoming aware of their health, and later years coming sooner than they (we) realize. Their products vary but the general theme is health, nutrition, and ways to reduce the affects of aging.

This industry is a good one as far as market, but the potential problem is there is a lot of competition. Melaleuca, like many has specific products and formulas that separate them from others, but you as the marketer still need to find and target your market. A well devised marketing formula that is proven to work should be one thing you look into very closely before you get involved.

Becoming a distributor can earn you good money but you will need focus and persistence to build your customer base for product sales as well as to locate and recruit those that you bring into the business. There are new ways using the internet to build your business from just a few years ago when sales and recruiting were done off line, but still the internet isn't an automatic method to grow any business so be sure to ask about that when looking into your sponsors ability to help you.

Melaleuca offers a good opportunity. Be sure to get specifics on how you would locate your customers so your expectations of Melaleuca are met.

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