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Medical Billing | Medical Claims

Medical Billing or Medical Claims is another work at home "job" we see advertisied a lot. One source for such training is the U.S. career Institute/McKinley College which we found an advertisement for this and many other work at home opportunities.

This ad claims a an up to $40,000 annual income potential.

You can work at home or in a Doctors office, hospital or clinic doing medical billing and/or claims.

The Health Care field is growing faster than any other sector of the economy so this is a good "niche" to get into.

Medical claims is not highly suggested as you are probably going to be collecting the claims that the people you work for were not successful in obtaining the payments. This leaves you with tracking down the delinquent bills and also dealing with the many down on thier luck people just ready to share their hard luck stories with you.

Medical Billing is often outsourced but your potential employer probably will not pay you as highly as you think you should be paid. Most such professional aren't often noted for their generosity. Sorry Doc's!

Our friends wife worked at home doing medical billing for a Doctor friend and did quite well in her own business, so it can be fruitful.

However, we feel in general it is boring and you are subject to hassles above and beyond the work itself. We prefer to not work that hard and suggest instead of Medical Biling or Medical Claims, you look at the link that follows:

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