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Max Persuasion

Max Persuasion is run by Kenrick Cleveland, which is the online aspect of Influence Marketing. Max Persuasion is a training company which specializes in the effective use of persuasion in making and increasing sales.

There is a Maximum Persuasion program that is available to you, which is claimed to offer you the revealing tactics on how to use persuasion techniques to get all sales, all the time. Max Persuasion offers a newsletter, a Blog by Kenrick, information on upcoming training seminars and exclusive events, and a forum.

Of all the information and reviews researched on Max Persuasion and, including the book and program, most were quite positive. Most people who used them were complimentary and felt the information was of great value.

In addition to the services and products and resources available at Max Persuasion, there also is an affiliate program available for the Maximum Persuasion Program.

The free newsletter and (max) persuasion tips offered at the Max Persuasion website would seem to be worth looking at. There are also some non complimentary comments about Kendrick Cleveland, however this is typical of many programs, as there always is someone that felt the information did not transform them into immediate success stories. The majority of the information again is positive and deemed helpful.

Max Persuasion is given our thumbs up!

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