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Mattress Cleaning

Yes, even Mattress Cleaning is advertised as a lucrative business opportunity. One company that offers a home business dealer opportunity is hygienitech.com. Their US Headquarters is in Delray Beach, Florida.

The method of cleaning is what puts this specific opportunity apart from what we all may think of in terms of "cleaning". They use a "UV-C light" that deactivates the DNA of bacteria, viruses and other pathogens.This is a chemical free method which basically results in these things dying off , even when they try to "reproduce". There are millions of "dust mites" and other such not so good things laying in our mattreses.

These all cause allergies, rashes, hayfever, sinus trouble, bronchitis, itchy red eyes, and even a depressed feeling when one awakes. No doubt there is a good possibility that this business can help a lot of people.

On a side note, if you or a loved one have any illness that their Doctors have not been able to diagnose, and they are still suffering or feeling ill, please drop us an e-mail. We had personal experience with "heavy metal poisoning" from our previous "job". This led to lupus in one friend and chronic fatigue amongst other symptoms in this writer. Point being, the general medical community does not know how to LOOK FOR causes that are related to heavy metal or other chemical related on the job exposure. The sad thing is we were finally diagnosed after 20 years of unexplained symptoms, and the test is a simple $100 chelation challange test. Why do companies that know employees are exposed to toxins, not offer this simple test? Sorry to get off on a slight tangent, but our mission is to help people with this website presence and this review offered a lead in. We will have a BLOG on this issue shortly to further spread the word. We are convinced there are thousands of ill people that could be simply diagnosed and cured with a very simple test and treatement.

Back to the review. This companies ad includes a complete dealer package at $8950. This is all you will need to get going in a mattress cleaning business.

There are claimed to be 4000 dealers of this system in Europe, where this method of cleaning comes from.

One thing we would suggest before you look into this as a home based business is, how many people do you know that clean their mattresses now? This is a great service which will probably help the masses but there may be a time until it catches on and "everyone" wants their mattress cleaned on a regular basis.

Typically once 10% of the population accepts something new, the rest follow. You may be well below that 10%. Great for potential customers, but maybe a bit slow on convincing people this is a needed service. We did not yet see any earning potential figures, what you would charge for the service, or know of any people earning a full time income in mattress cleaning.

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