Matthew Lesko

Matthew Lesko offers a book that lists where government grants,loans,and other programs are available to individuals for various purposes.

There are many such advertisements out there and they seem to be growing daily. That just tends to suggest how many of you are in need of legitimate ways to make real money, whether it be extra cash or a full time business venture.

The information Matthew Lesko offers tends to be very specific to certain groups, so what one may locate, another may not.

I feel the book left a bit to be desired as it only offered a list of addresses with little more information on what you need to put in a letter when requesting this money.

Geting this so called "free" money, as in Matthew Lesko's book or in many other similar programs in my opinion is seldom as easy to get as claimed. A tape is included in the book as well. Don't be surprised if the information in the book isn't up to date; addresses seem to change frequently nowadays.

Personally, anything that boast "free" cash or money to me screams not as easy as it is advertised and you are better off locating the solid business method with good backing from the seller to ensure your success. Learning from a book can be hit or miss at best but Matthew Lesko may be what you are looking for.

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