Matt Gagnon

My experience with Matt Gagnon has been with his "e-currency exchange" program. Matt has a website that currently represents a training course with ongoing support to become a currency exchange merchant.

I purchased his course about a year ago. It has been updated since then. The course was on CD's and were a bit vague but enough to get going with this program. If you were new to the internet or new to computers I'd think you'd be perplexed in the computer "sign up" effort needed. I purchased my course from one of his affiliates. They were helpful in helping me understand the currency exchange business as it uses a lot of new terminology that you really need to study at first to understand the concepts to make profit with this system.

The basic concept is you invest (called an in exchange) a small amount of your money into one of many e -currency exchange systems such as Int Gold, E-bullion, etc. This money is used by the system; you are essentially loaning the money to the exchange. When your money comes back (called an out exchange), you earned a small percentage on the use of your money. This is your profit. The percentages are small, but in time your volume increases as does your profit. My explanation is very simplistic but is the general way money is made. One downside is your money is not insured.

Support by the Matt Gagnon team via phone was OK, but I felt a bit like they were too busy to really help me with my questions; this to me often is a turn off for feeling confident about any program.

I should mention that there are other training methods out there to learn currency exchanging that are no or little cost. Matt's course and support is pretty good and you can chat with other members on his currency exchange support website.

There seemed to be folks on his site that claim to be making good money. However when I'd ask this in the Chat rooms, you'd tend to get less than straight answers that would ease your concerns. This may be simply that the program and the site are not a get rich quick scheme and they don't want to use any false boasting in their advertising efforts.

Matt Gagnon's course requires your efforts to truly learn this method of making money, so be prepared for a fairly large learning curve. It may or may not be for you.

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