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Massive Payouts

Massive Payouts

A product offered by Massive Payouts is called BuildABiz and is also a matrix or network marketing opportunity. Massive Payouts is supposed to allow you through their opportunity to make $500 a month and more with no meetings, spam, or selling. Everything is done by an automated online system which you invest $10 in each month. Once you do this a grid is set up, and you should be getting minimum $500 monthly.

Massive payouts claims to offer your own webpage, qualified leads, and access to a set of several autoresponders. BuildABiz is merely an option that allows you to create your own personal webpage which is free and you can use for anything you wish.

Massive payouts looks to be very easy to do, and would seem great for anyone that wants to not make cold calls, or do any selling as it all is automated.

I am still testing this program and will publish my findings soon. I suggest in the meantime you make a call to the company and discuss the opportunity with a real person direct. Ask for some references who were successful as well as those who weren't. If it sounds too good to be true it probably is.Massive Payouts could work for you.

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