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Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy is another business opportunity where you can study to become a massage therapist and offer these services to your customers. Customers are often connected with chiropracor offices where they offer a massage to "loosen" you up before your chiropractor adjustment, or you can perform these services in your office or you can even go to businesses and offer massage therapy for employees.

Whether you are looking for massage therapy course, massage therapy schools, massage therapy training or a massage therapy career, there are various ways to accomplish this career choice.

One work at home companmy that claims to set you up via training in massage therapy is U.S. career Institute/McKinley College located in Fort Collins, CO. Their ad claims a $40,000 to $60,000 annual income.

Massage Therapy has grown in acceptance in the last few years in our area at least and we attribute that to the many stressed out "workers" who put in those grueling 8,9,or 12 hour days often in tiny cubucles never seeing the light of day! They need some relief.

Why not look at what we do each day to earn a full time income. Massage therapy is a good route to take but you still need to build a business and think of the wear and tear on your back, hands, fingers, etc. It is a rough job from talking to the massage therapist in my chiropractors office. Will you be physically capable to do this work when you are 50 or older?

Massage therapy is an honest income source; we recommend the following link:

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