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Mason Shoes

B.A.Mason Shoes is a company that we became familiar with a dozen or so years ago. At that time Mason Shoe Company offered a distributor program where you can sell their shoes via catalog. You made a % of each sale; the difference between the retail and wholesale cost.

Currently it appears that B.A. Mason Shoes does not offer this distributorship. If anyone finds this to not be the case please advise so we can adjust our information.

Mason Shoes is based in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin and was started in 1904 by Bert A. Mason. His company grew from a need for study leather boots. He established his reputation by marketing these for the lumberjacks and rivermen who harvested the huge stands of white pines in Wisconsin and Minnesota. They demanded a lot from their footwear and Mr. Mason made sure those demands were met.

Mason Shoes now offers all kinds of shoes and foot wear for men, women and children. They employee over 400 people many who have been with the company for 30 years or more. They offer sizes 4-17 in widths from AAAA to EEEEEE.

We have purchased their shoes and find them very comfortable. The only downside we felt was some styles were pricy. However you get what you pay for as thy say!

While this is not a review of a program you could jump into, Mason Shoes is a direct sales type company that at one time offered a distributorship and is an example of a very niche market: Footwear and also catalog and now internet sales.

If you have an idea for a business you could follow this same type of success path.

Please keep one thing in mind as you look at online home business opportunities....if you can't make a sale because you don't know how to market the product, it doesn't matter much what your compensation plan is. Many marketers are trying to pursuade you to their products with overly hyped up income potentials, and bragging about their webinars, trainings and opportunity calls.

We make sales every day without having to do any of that "work". Again (hint) it is all in the marketing. Don't be fooled! Most any compensation plan is good if you can make a sale!!

We recommend B.A.Mason Shoes, and suggest you click the link which follows to learn how to pursue your own business selling your own niche product or service.

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