Mark Victor Hansen

Mark Victor Hansen referred to as Americas Ambassador of Possibility, is a marketer, motivational speaker, and has several best selling books that we are sure you have heard of. One book, "Chicken Soup For The Soul", is his best selling book. This book and his other works has resulted in Time Magazine recognizing his works as the "publishing phenom of the decade".

Mark Victor Hansen has authored several other books that deal with things like overcoming bad habits, improving self confidence, and other self improvement areas. These books are titled and include:" The Alladin Factor", "The Power Of Focus",and others.

In addition to Mark Victor Hansen's book writing skills, he is also a financial expert. His presentations over the years on financial and motivational items such as personal empowerment and personal development, have been seen in nearly 40 countries. These amounted to some four thousand seminars in 25+ years, to over two million people.

The Today Show, Oprah, CNN,Eye to Eye, Time, USA Today, The New York Times, US News, Entrepreneur Magazine, and World Report are just a few of the media spots Mark Victor Hansen has offered his knowledge and expertise on these topics.

His more recent endeavor has been on a book and program called "The One Minute Millionaire". This book tells you how to become a wealthy person in short order.He co-authored this book with another heavy hitter, Mr. Richard G. Allen, a well known real estate guru. Case studies are included with claims from people who have benefited from their book, making thousands of dollars using their information to progress financially. Their book is said to offer how to find happiness, riches and success by focusing on strategies, attitudes and their techniques to attain this status.

In addition to these accomplishments, Mark Victor Hansen has been active in humanitarian causes and is associated with the American Red Cross,March of Dimes, Habitat For Humanity and others.

A very impressive track record without a doubt.

We are familiar with varios other self help and motivational books and courses. The main ingredient you need to be successful is a belief that you too are "worthy" of this success. You won't get there just hoping to get lucky like the guy that made millions selling polka dot ties (we made that up), or whatever. You do need a vehicle to get there, a strong work ethic, focus, belief in your self, and a proven step by step system to follow, that you know has worked for others.

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