Mark Haroldsen

Mark Haroldsen claims that his book will help anyone become wealthy by investing in real estate.

Mark Haroldsen is the author of "How to Awaken the Financial Genius Within You", and is publisher of the quarterly "Financial Freedom Report".

We just saw a youtube testimonial video Mr. Haroldsen did regaring his student Russ Whitney, another real estate guru. He commented that Russ exceeded his own results in real estate success.

Mark Haroldsen's use of youtube for marketing is impressive as it shows he is on top of his game as far as what works and what doesn't. Many marketers or real esate kings don't use all the tools available, so this is good to see as it shows he knows what works and the power of testimonials, and putting YOUR face out there so people can see who YOU are.

Online marketing is a people business so getting out there is a good way to become a leader in your business program.

Mark haroldsen seems to have some good real esate info, but realize as in any business, you need to do the work to make it happen.

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