Maria Duval

Maria Duval claims to be able to help you earn all the money you may need and become a success in life as well as fulfill all of your dreams. She is a clairvoyant and claims to be born into nobility where her family members served French Kings and she herself is a countess.

Maria Duval has authored some 20 books under her own name and a pen name Anne Cramford. These book titles include, "The Grand Consultation Of The Tarot", "How To Become a Voyant", and one called "The Grand Book of Secrets". Maria Duval was actually born in Milano, Italy in 1937. Her birth name was Carolina Maria Gamba and she is now a French citizen with homes in France, Switzerland, and Argentina.

Maria makes her money, usually in the sum of $10 to $50 charged to you, She often claims to know you are having a difficult time in life and she offers free lucky talisman or a free psychic reading that will help you resolve this current situation. Maria Duval also claims you will come out ahead or on top of your troubles if you send this money. All of her letters and many fullpage ads in newspapers and magazines all offer money back guarantees.

It appears her website is not active. She also has a lot of not complimentary post on many forums suggesting she is not providing the service she claims.

For this review, we found some positive information regarding Maria Duval and her services. Some people even were pleased as the ad letters they received seemed to describe actual events in their lives.

Maria Duval may be able to help you with her psychic ability. We have gone to local psychic people and mediums and had very positive experiences so you may want to give Maria Duval a try!

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