Mal Emery

Mal Emery is an Australian entrepreneur. Mal was 22 when he entered into his first own business after being fired from a job. Mal Emery bought and sold some 16 businesses over a period of 16 years.

Mal Emery, as a business consultant has a buy, build,sell approach, which he has shown to other businesses, helping these many small and medium sized firms to grow their business and generate profit.

One thing I like about Mal Emery in his business information packages is he does not stress any "get rich quick" concepts. His packages are very informational and educational, and are designed to build solid, profitable businesses based on sound and creative business ideas he has formulated.

Mal's perfect business model includes: minimal staff, living wherever he wished, to set his own work schedule and times, high earning possibilities, minimal risk, working from home, and low start-up costs. His material covers these fundamental ideas very appropriately.

Needless to say I recommend his information. Mal Emery's track record speaks for itself.

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