Making Money On EBay

I just realized I did not offer an opinion on Making Money On EBay yet! EBay has been around for quite a while, since the mid 1990's.

I think EBay is a fantastic concept; why didn't I think of it is what I wonder. I bet many of you did have the idea of an online "garage sale" so to speak, but didn't take that thought and put it into action. That in and of itself is the key to any business success, taking action.

Anyway, back to my review. Given that EBAY and making money on ebay is a great business, the real review here is on if YOU can make any money with ebay. There are tons of "how to make money on ebay" courses, but can you really make money you can live on?

Ebay is probably a best place if you have a product and are looking for a huge potential customer base. Internet marketers also can use ebay to run auctions to sell their goods, and also advertise their website simultaneously. Ebay has traffic that you may want to navigate to your site.

I know of several friends that make easily $300-600 a month just selling things that might have been tossed out, and some that sell a specific item that they created them selves.One bought a book at a flee market for $4, then sold it to a library for $80+. Now you can't rely on that kind of sale to occur repeatedly as it was more of a fluke than planned.

Most people making a consistent amount of money on ebay are those that sell you the how to's, or those that have their own "niche" product.

I think anyone new to ebay or to internet sales would stumble a bit unless they have the preceding mentioned product ideas. To that end I'd suggest a good internet marketing course to get the basics of marketing down, then take that knowledge and apply it to Ebay, or your own website selling your product or possibly starting as a reseller as I did.

There is no doubt there are many folks making money on ebay but make sure you have a focused plan of attack as to what and how you will market your product or services.

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