Make Money In Real Estate

When we started our online business we made a decision that we wanted to work AT HOME, and ideally make decent money without working too hard. We had income real estate property and rentals but didn't like the hassles with dealing with tenants, cleaning up after people, evicting people and all that stuff.

We have since found our internet business to be what we hoped for, so it was a good decision but many of you may still think that to make money in commercial or residential real estate investing, with no money (down) we hope, will be our ticket to financial freedom.

A good friend of ours has some 50+ properties in our local area and due to the economy, you can pick up a single home for as low as $10,000 ! And yes it is a decent home that can be rented for $500 a month+. The cashflow is pretty decent pretty quick.

But many of you that want to make money in real estate right now, may not be able to manage the growth of your business. One or two properties won't be enough to earn you a decent income on rentals...around here you need maybe 8-10 to see a decent monthly income.

Investing in commercial real estate can get you better incomes possibly, but then you may need more money to afford the property.

Yes, you can make deals and literally buy something for near zero...but you need to be a good deal maker. My buddy says he doesn't look for deals, he wants steals!

Whether it be real estate rentals, foreclosures, flipping houses, commercial, residential, no money down , etc. it all takes skills to be learned. There are various online courses, and many huge names in real estate, but you may be best to find a local investor and pick his or her brain, to learn the nuts and bolts of making money in real estate today, right now!

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