Magazine Millionaires

Magazine Milionaires is advertised in of all places ...a magazine! Yes, the program here is all about advertising for free in magazines and making tons of cash. The Founder is John Frazier Media Concepts, LLC.

Magazine Millionaires offers a lengthy sales letter at their website named similarily. A course that sells for $197 is offered which gives you the step by step system to generate obscene amounts of cash by placing ads in certain magazines.

This system is similar to many others out there where the idea is you place an ad, targeting the right (niche) market, and with the right sales wording, and size of ad, you will definitely make a percentage of sales. The larger full page ads have the most sales conversion and your best chance to make lots of money.

For example, if your ad is seen by 250,000 readers, and only a small percentage buy at even $39 a sale, you can see large profits quite quickly.The course offers where and how to place free ads as well.

The only catch is, does it really work that easily? Magazine Millionaires appears to offer step by step how to information. The testimonials all appear to be honest and factual. I only question the ease in which this works.

I know that internet sales is similar in the concepts used and I know that internet sales does not come that automatically and easily. I also know that I made a sale today without any paid advertising! Personally I prefer an internet business where I can make sales with no advertising cost, day in and day out, with little work, once I have the ground work laid out.

Magazine Millionaires has merit, but in todays technical sales world, I'd recommend you apply similar ideas to a website business and have unlimited reach (compared to a magazine) which means almost unlimited income potential.

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