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Madison Dynamics

Madison Dynamics

This one got us skeptical as soon as the e-mails we received stated we needed to act now or we'd be too late. Madison Dynamics is a new MLM that we are currently researching.

Madison Dynamics marketers that sent us their e-mail ads also stated their products were amazing, but we had a difficult time determing what their products were from the ads. A colleague received a reply from a Madison Dynamics marketer that you'd find out what the products were once you joined!

We will report further on this opportunity once we get more information and complete our survey. Until then, you should proceed with some caution. The e-mails received always can be from newbies (marketers) that are trying too hard to make the sale. That being said, it may also suggest further that Madison Dynamics may need an improved training for these e-mail marketers. You can be the judge at this point!

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