Lotto International

Lotto International refers to international lotteries, many of which are European, where you receive a notice that you won money. Most of these notices come by e-mail or snail mail. Internet lottery is not common as lotteries don't accept credit cards for tickets, otherwise credit card fraud would be rampant.

Usually in Lotto International, you will receive a notice that you already won a lottery that you never entered. The goal then is to get you to pay "fees" to cover taxes, customs, and other things that sound legitimate, but are only designed to get your money or personal information.

As much as we all would want to win millions of dollars in a lottery that we never entered, remember that no one is likely to send you millions when you never even entered. These Lotto International schemes play on your desire or need for money, their greed, and naivete.

These lotto schemes are similar to Nigerian scams, and just about any other scheme where you are contacted, and someone is looking for you to pay fees to claim your prize. The other day I received a notice that I won something. After checking on it, they wanted a small fee to cover shipping. Shipping is another trick- think of all the shipping charges, even for legit products. An extra dollar charged on shipping, for hundreds, thousands, or millions of products sold, can add up nicely as another "profit center" for any business.

Simple rule: don't pay for anything you supposedly won and don't offer personal information to a contest/lotto that you never entered.

International Lotteries or Lotto International are mostly not real.

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