Lonnie Scruggs

Lonnie Scruggs offers a course called Deals On Wheels Home Study Course. Lonnie Scruggs claims to be a "master" at buying and selling mobile homes. His course also offers information on financing used when buying and selling.

In his course, Lonnie Scruggs shows you how to make 50% - 100% by creating notes on these mobile homes. His information includes how to select the mobile home and how to locate them as well as set and /or negotiate the purchase price, along with a lot more detailed information.

This specific type of real estate investing, namely mobile homes is what Lonnie specializes in , and his course has a lot of good information in it. Focusing on a "niche" market we feel also is a good way to start in any business opportunity. Narrowing down to a niche market, tends to help you focus especially when you are just starting out. Having too many irons in the fire when starting any business, especially an internet business, can be disasterous.

Real estate investing carries some level of risk.Add this review to your favorites and check back at a later time for updated information on this and many other reviews. Lonnie Scruggs information on this specific area of real estate investing would help you to be more successful for sure. We suggest you, as in any business venture, do your homework and carefully examine the course that Lonnie Scruggs offers.

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